Our Team

Seasoned Technical Professionals

Maintain Corporate Memory

LRDL serves as a trusted professional engineering resource to our clients who require additional engineering services to complement their in-house technical staff. The LRDL principals, who are all senior, seasoned technical professionals, are directly involved in all aspects of our projects. This maintains “corporate memory” and assures our clients that support will be available long after their projects are completed.

The senior staff of the company ensure that all projects are completed to the highest possible standards for quality and reliability. Below is a brief summary of our leadership team:


Mr. Curilla is the managing partner and lead mechanical & process designer at LRDL. He leads the company with over 30 years of railroading experience, rising through the ranks first working as a foreman at CN Walker and Bissell yards, then moving on to becoming a mechanical engineer for the regional office. He continued on to serving as a plant engineer at Procor Limited and finally took on his current role at LRDL in 1992. Mr. Curilla is a proud father of three grown children and is eternally grateful for the unwavering support of his wife, who also works part-time at LRDL.


Mr. Gillies is the partner and senior mechanical manager at LRDL. He has been with the company for over 30 years and is overall responsible for all aspects of running the firm. Mr. Gillies oversees all major mechanical designs and is the de facto IT manager, exercising his excellent CAD and computer skills. Furthermore, he is responsible for maintaining PLC/HMI code used on practically all of our systems and administers LRDL’s Safety Program.


Mr. Ford is the senior project manager at LRDL, with over 45 years of experience in rail facility engineering design and industrial operations. HIs expertise lies in complex multi-disciplinary projects, including buildings, processes, and repair shops. With an extensive former career at CN, Mr. Ford also serves as the mentor for all things railroading to LRDL’s junior staff and has broad insider perspective to rail operations.


Mr. Bergman is the senior mechanical engineer at LRDL. He has over nine years of experience working on railroad projects. Project management, mechanical & process design, 3D modelling, and extensive construction experience all fall under his belt. Mr. Bergman is directly responsible for supervising a competent team of junior engineers and technologists.


Mr. Truong is the lead electrical engineer at LRDL. He arrived in 2011 with a broad range of industrial and utility engineering knowledge, including experience in the oil & gas sector as well as high voltage power substation environments. Since joining LRDL, he has worked on a large variety of projects, such as doing the complete design for the power and control systems at the CN Prince George locomotive repair shop and overhauling old machines at the CN Transcona Wheel Shop.

Mr. Truong is a skilled and practical engineer equally able to apply formal design and procurement processes as well as creatively doing system retrofits on top of existing legacy and neglected infrastructure typically found in the railroad industry. Furthermore, he has extensive hands-on field commissioning and troubleshooting experience, working equally well alone, with other engineers, and with contractors.

Get the job done.

There's no reason to quit, even if a project is difficult or tiring. LRDL and RSSI see all projects through to completion. Our objective is to remain valuable to our clients: our reward is repeat business.