Locomotive Fueling Systems

CP St. Paul Locomotive Fueling System

Installed a complete control system at the 10-station fueling facility. Integrated SCADA, PLC, preset controller, and manual controls for operational robustness and flexible data collection.

CP St. Paul Locomotive Fueling System

Substantial upgrades to a 40 year old fueling system. Designed and constructed a brand new pumphouse and electrical room. Complete revamp of control system, including data logging and remote access. Added automatic electronic fuel ticketing. Upgrades to fuel truck offloading. End-to-end project management from design, procurement, tendering, construction, startup, and ongoing maintenance.

CP St. Luc Fuelling System Upgrades - Montreal, Quebec

Reconstruction of Canadian Pacific’s 200,000 litre per day fuel site. The project reconstructed a 1950’s 900,000 litre tank and retained the fuel service platform while all other equipment was replaced. Process changes reduced fuel spillage and unloading cycle times without interruption to locomotive servicing.

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