Coal Respray Systems

Reduce Pollution & Waste

BNSF Pasco Coal Respray

America’s first mainline coal dust suppression system. System currently treats an average of 3-4 coal trains per week with an environmentally-friendly polymer product on each coal car. Automated retractable spray bars allow for all types of trains to safely pass through the facility. Integrated liquid reclaim and recycling system. LRDL designed and supplied the system as a modular kit constructed in Edmonton.

CP Coal Respray: Tappen, British Columbia

A unique facility capable of spraying coal dust suppression chemical onto the top of coal gondola cars traveling at up to 10 mph on the mainline track. The Respray system operates 24/7, fully automatic and unattended. The system adjusts for varying train speeds to apply the chemical mix onto the cars and stopping between cars with accuracies of +/-_ 12mm. System reduced coal dust complaints, averted potential legal action and reduced operating costs. The system also reduced chemical overspray to negligible levels.

LRDL designed the specialized spray equipment, process and controls and continues to monitor the facility performance.

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